Dam Good Tacos is truly one of Fort Collins little gems resplendent of fresh local goodness. Tucked away in Dalzell Alley, it offers an element of surprise, small in size but large in delicious flavor. Dam Good has carved out their unique personality serving up an impressive array of tacos (catering to vegan and the meat lovers), Power Bowls, burritos, fresh salsa and organic signature drinks (non-alcoholic).

Meet The Owners

The road to opening Dam Good Tacos started in Basalt Co where Michael Falco started playing with the concept of offering the beloved taco incorporating non-conventional ingredients; it was an instant success. Knowing he wanted to be in a larger market, he moved to Fort Collins where the foodie scene is embraced, and the university brings a whole new level of vibrancy.

Starting with a cart to test the market Michael would plant himself in front of local breweries - the response was overwhelmingly positive. Enter Ali Hatcher, an entrepreneurial spirited graduate student at CSU. One taste of a Dam Good Taco in front of Odell Brewing and she was hooked. The immediate connection led them to a beautiful partnership. In addition to impressive food, Ali knew they could have a significant influence on the community through a restaurant, using no microwaves, styrofoam, additives or artificial ingredients, so together they began searching for a permanent location to expand the concept.

Finally, the perfect space was discovered in the quaint renovated Dalzell Alley just off Laurel Street, full of character coinciding with their concept of bringing fresh out-of-the-ordinary ingredients to make for a playful lineup of tacos, burritos, and signature organic drinks.

What began as a tiny space, with window service is now indoor counter service but with a roomier dining area. The walls are flanked with local art and a sign showing the local makers in the community where they source many of their ingredients.

Tip: The Cheese Crown is still alive! The Cheese Crown was a signature component of Michael’s first taco, a result of letting the cheese run over onto the grill sizzling to leave a cheesy crispy edge. It is an off the menu order but all you need to do is ask for the “Cheese Crown” - and they will happily abide!